General figures

r. Bourgeois China has been founded in 1998 as the first western electric motor core assembly supplier in China.

With over 85 years expertise in processing silicon magnetic steel and the design and manufacture of high precision carbide stamping dies in the r. Bourgeois Group of companies.

Our new Haining, Zhejiang facility covers 30 000m2 area to offer capabilities in high speed stamping (presses from 80 to 600ton), blanking and notching (400ton and 20ton), welding assemblies (up to 750mm OD), Aluminium rotor die-casting (presses from 150ton to 600ton), alternator stator slinky systems, as well as the future introduction of plastic overmoulding.

- Sales turnover : 240 million RMB.
- Employees : 200.
- Steel processed: 30 000 tons/year.
- Covered area: 30 000m2.