Our aim is to be recognized as the benchmark in China for the supply of magnetic lamination assemblies through advanced technology, uncompromising quality, training and operational excellence. 
To make this vision a reality we are focusing our strategy on 3 key points:
1- Our focus on operational excellence ensures the superior quality of our products and services, which has helped to grow customer confidence and bolster growth. Our new plant has set ambitious goals to produce standardized, exceptional quality  products by implementing a specifically tailored Bourgeois Production System (BPS). 
2-  We offer the widest range in the industry in terms of variety of products, industries supplied and product size as well as extra added value services. RBourgeois aims to be a partner supplying solutions, offering a full range of services that go beyond providing quality parts and components.
3- Human Resource Development is a priority at RBourgeois and we highly value the quality of our staff. We provide dedicated trainings, education programs and rewarding benefits to help our employees develop both personally and professionally, encouraging pride in the workplace.