Step By Step: Building RBourgeois in China

Zhu Wen Xin, Manager of the Quality Assurance Department helps her team to set short term target goals in order to give them a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to keep developing their professional knowledge and technical skills. Pascal Torrent, Technical and Project Support, shares his joy in bridging cultural barriers and training toolmakers in China. 

Teambuilding: Enhancing Relationships, Enhancing Productivity

Tang Sheng Chun, Machine Department Manager, leads a young and passionate team. He describes how through team building activities and cooperation his team increased their productivity by 8o%. 

One Big Family: Growing up with R. Bourgeois

Yan Dong Chun, Product Department Manager, has been with R. Bourgeois since it was founded in China. For Yan, the company feels like one big family and he has learned and grown by its side. He has faith in R. Bourgeois and his own successful future. 

Rising to the Challenge

Gu Zheng Xin, Mold Department Manager, is honored by his role at R. Bourgeois, which has grown as the company has quickly developed. He takes pride in his problem solving skills and his team feels a great sense of achievement when they fix molds that can’t be fixed abroad.